Monday, August 28, 2017

AUGUST 2017 P.D.I.



1st Kingfisher With Catch
by Reg Mellis

2nd Walking
by Richard Hallam

3rd Gannet 9927
by Gordon Bramham

H.C. Weed Dance
by Gordon Bramham


1st Got One
by Martyn Addison-Smith

2nd Banded Damsel Fly
by Martyn Addison-Smith

3rd Changeable Hawk Eagle
by John Hastings

H.C. The Turbine Room-Tate Modern
by John Hastings

H.C. Red Grouse
by John Hastings


1st Ochi
by Becca Manley

2nd Grounded Squirrel
by Colin Gill

3rd Dreaming
by Andy Brett

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