Monday, April 18, 2016

AGM 2016

An evening where I was soon to regret not going to the last committee meeting before the AGM, I missed being asked if I was o/k to continue in post, not a problem by the way. The main thing was not being aware that there was a competition for the shortest and longest report. I had noticed that Lin's was not as long as usual and thought that was because the finances were in good order and that there was no need to increase subs.
I did become a bit suspicious after Alf's (one breath two sentences) Well done Alf, you must be this years winner.

As for the longest, I would have put my money on Sylvia, after all she has fifty weeks to report on, I did not expect the rank outsider Andy with his outings to win by a country mile. (that's our next outing by the way).

We now have a new vice chairman. who is quite keen to attend his first committee meeting, more to do with Dick's Ginger cake I suspect, without Mandy having a go at him about how many calories he is consuming.

We will be experimenting with the scoring for the monthly prints this year by announcing the points after the comments. My thanks to Sarah for pointing out the difficulties with this, I was trying to think how it could be done without getting into the scenario of the Two Ronnies mastermind sketch where Ronnie Corbett answered the question before last. Hopefully with Mandy's help we will be able to sort it out.

Thanks also to Sarah for the picture below of some of the winners of the various trophies during the year. Those missing sent their apologies, (well actually they didn't).

Looking at the photo they are a decidedly dodgy bunch of queezers, looking more like they are eyeing up the trophies to steal, are these the real Hatton Garden robbers, that would explain the link to the diamonds on the programme, so is Sylvia the mysterious Basil?

About the right age for the Hatton Garden Mob

Monday, April 11, 2016


The week that I became worried about our chairman and Digital Competition Secretary's sexuality. I understand that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is more a book for the ladies (never having read it I would not know) I can understand where the idea for the picture came from, and the decision to make it the winner. However, My Ding-A-Ling is very worrying. Not only for the fact that it was taken and entered, by a man, (personally I would have been too jealous), but that Dave kept going back to it and tended to look at it more than any other image. Personally I thought it was over exposed, I also wondered  how well it would have done if it was taken if the weather was cold.

One of the images that got most reaction was the Monkees, some of us were trying to show we were hip and trendy by trying to name the members of the group. Then suddenly remembering that they were formed in the mid sixties and we were giving or ages away,  so suddenly stopped. By the way I asked my mum the names and they were Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones. The more senior members of us may remember that Davy Jones played Ena Sharples grandson in Coronation Street and Micky Dolenz was in Circus Boy.

My favourite picture of the evening was Over The Hills And Far Away, mainly because when I was at work I used to sing a lot of the time and my colleagues would ask can you sing Over The Hills and Far Away. When I asked if that was a request they would say no, it is an order.

There was some very clever images of A Clockwork Orange. Up until now the only worry I had when eating an Orange was swallowing a pip, now it is consuming a cog or two.

Squeezed Orange Juice Only From Now On

Sunday, April 10, 2016




1st. Fifty Shade of Grey
by Dick Williams

Best Interpretation, Life of Pie
by Jeff Oliver

2nd The Great Eggscape
by Mandy Deer

3rd A Clockwork Orange
by Paul Vine

H.C. The Man Who Wasn't There
by Paul Vine

H.C. The French Connection
by Stephen Deer

H.C. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
by Kevin Sykes

H.C. My Ding-A-Ling
by Dick Williams

H.C. Sweets For My Sweets
by Andy Laing

Monday, April 4, 2016


The evening started with our chairman going missing. First I thought that he had seen the standard of the entries and thought I have got better than that at home and rushed off to get them. Then I thought perhaps he had read the write up of Uluru/Ayers Rock (circa 6 Nov. 2002) and thought I must go there NOW. Then got to the airport and realised that he did not have his passport. The truth, however, was that he forgot to bring back the trophy. I suppose that is forgivable considering the number he has won over the years he was bound to forget which trophy he has won and when. Besides he is not a young man any more. He still however, found time to give the trophy a polish. If you do need any trophies polishing then Brian Clark is your man. 

We had a good number of entries, a pity that some of the pictures had been flipped some were more obvious than others. Luckily The Museum of London images were not flipped as we would have had
Nodnol fo Muesum Eht. Still I hope that those of you who expressed a desire to have Mandy's panel on their wall will be bringing their deposits for their orders as I know Mandy has been busy printing this week. I have never seen anyone count a number of hands in the air so quickly as she did on Tuesday. 


1st Snow Leopards
by Gordon Bramham
2nd Dalmation Pelicans
by Gordon Bramham

3rd The Architecture of Venice
by Dick Williams


H.C. Cool Rides in Cuba
by Alf Ellis

H.C. Bethnal Green Tube Disaster (Stairway to Heaven)
by Mandy Deer