Sunday, May 24, 2015


I think it was incredible brave of Sylvia to agree to comment on the Preliminary and Intermediate sections, considering that there had been several arrests for the Hatton Garden job during the day and considering the age of the people arrested she was justifiably worried, and kept looking at the door expecting a raid. I noticed that the chairs had been arranged to allow a quick exit.

The subtle title issue raised it's head again, "Dame Saxophonist" was that a play on words that it was a "dam" saxophonist because of his out of awful playing or because he was standing in front of The Notre Dame. That was too much for some people. However, the suggested title of "Saxophonist playing on the bridge with Padlocks in front of the Notre Dame with trees in the background and a bald sky" was about as subtle as a flying mallet.

It was good to see new members and newly promoted members doing well, it's not big and it's not clever.
Chop two Carrots, One Pepper, Sweet Potatoe and two Basil leafs, place in a saucepan ......... 


Thursday, May 21, 2015


MAY 2015


1st Spider at Sunset
by Mandy Deer

2nd Humboldt Penquins
by Stephen Deer

3rd Dandelion Florets
by Andy Taylor LRPS

H.C. Looking Up
by Stephen Deer


1st Exposed at Low Tide
by John Hastings

2nd Gannets 
by Colin Smith

3rd Teddy


1st Buttermere View
by Marytn Addison - Smith

2nd He Left The Landing Lights On
by Andy Brett

3rd Saab
by Peter Owen

H.C The Drawbridge
by John Purvis

H.C. Snakes Pass Tree
by John Perry

Monday, May 18, 2015

 With A Little Help From My Friends

Firstly, thanks to Dave for shedding light on the acquisition of the diamonds for the programme. It turns out that Sylvia spent a Bank Holiday week-end in Hatton Garden. This helps to explain why she was encouraging everyone to go on the Spanish break and take their programmes with them, on arrival she would collect them and take them to put on a fence, presumably in case any expat wanted to join a camera club.Well she mentioned something about a fence and never having to worry about paying subs again.

Well done to Dick, for rugby tackling Eric who was caught red-handed helping himself to more programmes hoping to pay for the repairs to his motor bike, then claimed to have fallen over the bag and tried to claim compensation.

The evening was entertaining and educational, it seems that age discrimination has reached photography. If you are young and pretty any embellishments can be photo-shopped out. (If I was paying £600 a day for a model I would expect her to not have any imperfections). However, once you reach a certain age do not have your picture taken, you think you may be safe in your own home and pose in your kitchen or lounge and look your best. Beware! once captured, you will be turned into a old and decrepit specimen with lines and wrinkles you did't know you had. Don't worry it is all in the name of art.  

I tell people that my wrinkles are laughter lines, then someone told me that nothing was that funny, so please no photos. Thank you.

No Pictures, please


Monday, May 11, 2015



And another new clock? we found out why the old one stopped working, Sylvia had taken the jewels out to use on the cover of the new programme. I was thrilled with mine and rushed down to the jewellers first thing Wednesday morning only to be told that the "diamond" was not real, I of course rang Sylvia to complain.  She explained that only one lucky programme had a real diamond, so I suggest that you start scratching your windows to see if you are the lucky one.

For the first time we had an innovative way of judging, with the judge commenting on his own section and pictures. I did watch carefully for any nods, winks or coughs in the direction of the markers, after all that is my  job, to cough when my prints come up. We do not want everyone joining in, and confusing them, they have enough trouble as it is deciding the best image.

I could not believe that with all the ladies in the club, they did not have a pair of scissors between them, in the end I had to use a knife to cut the stickers, even wielding a knife at the markers did not `persuade` them to give my pictures a high mark. If my position as Print Competition Secretary cannot guarantee me first place each month I might as well resign.

Is it the real thing?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Monthly Print May 2015

Winning Images


1st Watering Hole
by Colin Smith

2nd Neck & Neck
by Gella Ladner

3rd Warthogs
by Colin Smith


1st Making Beautiful Surf
by Annie Moring

2nd Serena at Wimbeldon
by Annie Moring

3rd Starting to Bloom
by Mick Ladner

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Spring Break

Friday through to Monday 4th May, 15 of Upminster Camera Club members invaded the
Isle of Wight
for their annual spring break.

Our outings secretary Andy made a great job of organising the stay at 
Warner’s, Bembridge Coast Hotel.

The week-end was a 60s themed break and the guest artists on Saturday night were 
“The Swinging Blue Jeans”

The weather this year didn’t lend itself to much stunning photography, but a great time was had by all with an opportunity to socialise. 

 and even meet up with an old ex member.
 looking good Arthur.

Jan even won the "star prize" in the "The People Versus" competition.

Next stop Oxford in September.

Thanks Arthur, Andy and Richard for the photo's

Monday, May 4, 2015

How To Judge or Not to Judge

That is the question, surely not back to Shakespeare? No it was a magic lantern show, with the lecturer wisely having the evening at home rather than travelling to the wilds of Upminster. However, the most exciting thing for me and Peter was that there was another new clock on the wall. However, we were concerned that the tea makers would not be able to see the time due to size of the face. However, our fears were unjustified as the tea arrived on time and an upgrade on the biscuits. 

However, the most important part of the evening was the lecture, there was a bit S&M, with talk about kiss, slap, kiss. We were not told it was X rated. 

Well done to Dick for getting all the digital images ready for the judge, the monochrome ones at the beginning were exceptional. Not so sure of the others though Dick, some were not up to your usual standard.

However, we now know how to judge a judge, no repetition or hesitation (back to Just a Minute)
However, now we can have play "Judge The Judge". Giving marks for all the right things they do and deducting for all the wrong things like repeating themselves, then gives marks out of twenty or ten as in the old days, however, we should do it after the judging is finished just to confuse things.

Please no repeats.