Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Digital Competition

1st Place - The Alleyways of Venice as Midnight Approaches by Alf Ellis
2nd Place - Student Posing by Mick Brendish
3rd Place - Out for a Walk by John Snowden

1st Place - Great Grey Owl by Alan Layton
2nd Place - Brown Clipper by Brian Clark
3rd Place - Ringed Kingfisher by David Lund
H/C - Black Tailed Godwit by Brian Clark

1st Place - Kingfisher Catching Fish by Reg Mellis
2nd Place - Seven Sisters by Eric Bush
3rd Place - Red Backed Shrike with Cranefly by Reg Mellis
H/C - Rock Pipit by Mick Ladner
H/C - True Love by Bradley Beck-Hill
H/C - Winter Maldon by Eric Bush

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Outings Cup Competition (Digital)

1st Place - It's Been a Long Day by Dave Wilcox
2nd Place - Bucker Jungmeister by David Lund
3rd Place - Graffiti Painter by Mick Brandish
H/C - Attention by Sarah Brigden
H/C - Porcelain Fungus by Reg Mellis
H/C - Stampe, Stearman & Jungmann Formation Flying by David Lund