Thursday, December 18, 2014

Monthly Digital Competition

Results For Digital Image Competition For November


1st Place

Lest We Forget
by Brian Clark

2nd Place
Bee Eater Chasing Insect
by Reg Mellis

3rd Place
by Brian Clark


1st Place
Caught In A Trap
by Andy Taylor

2nd Place
by David Lund

3rd Place
That Was Funny
by Alan Layton


1st Place
by Steve Cristie

2nd Place
Come In Number 65
by John Hastings

3rd Place
Autumn Splendour
by Andy Brett

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Party

The Band

Thanks to the BTEC Band for providing the live music for the evening. it was good of them to give up their evening to entertain a group of old fogies. Their love and enthusiasm for their music was clear to see.

The Buffett

Thanks to Jan for a lovely spread, with plenty for all. There was some left overs, which pleased Alf as he said said that was lunch sorted for the rest of the week.

The Bar 

Well done to Andy Brett and David Lund for running the bar, I've never seen a barman juggle plastic glasses when mixing a cocktail before. Still it saved clearing up broken glass.

The Quiz

Dennis excelled himself again with a set of questions on the theme of Christmas. Congratulations to the winning team, although looking at them I guess if you added up their total age they have probably celebrated more christmases than the rest of us put together. In fact one of their team told me he has got an original copy of A Christmas Carol, that he bought when it was originally published.

The Auction

Gordon was again on top form, with the gavel, with not so much to work with this year he soon got into his stride and was getting us to spend, still with his commission he made he should be able to fund another photo safari.
It was the first time I have seen a bidder tell the auctioneer what lots to auction and what price they were going to pay, but then to be out bid by someone else. Anyway, what is wrong with mulled wine?

Johna Watch

My odds for being on the winning team on The Safari lengthened last night as it was the second year running that I have not won a raffle prize.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fun Club Print Competition

Fun Club Print Competition

A light hearted look at a light hearted fun evening to get us in the mood for Christmas and the season of goodwill to all men.
Thanks to all those who brought prints and those who don't print but joined in to make the evening enjoyable.

The rules of the competition are simple, there is'nt any. I'm sure that whoever first thought of the competition thought long and hard about the rules and criterior that each team should follow before submitting their prints, then thought sod it let them put up want they want and let the judge sort it out and mark them accordingly.

Congratulations to Team A for winning and the understated way they excepted their victory, although I thought Lin's double somersault and back flip was over the top, although if I had just won a box of Jelly Babies I would probably have done the same.

Commiserations to Team B although we were the strongest team (at the bottom holding everyone else up). We were also the most consistent scoring 2 in most rounds.  At our post competition de-brief we decided that next year we would bring our best prints.

Star of The Evening

This goes to our judge who entered into the spirit of the evening with light hearted comments on the prints (without being insulting to the author) and self depreciating comments on his judging. He also managed to rename a famous scottish landmark Eilean Donan Castle to a well known author Conan Doyle Castle. What next? Any ideas? send them to me and there will be a prize for the best one, can't promise anything as exciting as a box of Jelly Babies.

He also revealed the type of image he likes. So next time he is here to judge, I will be submitting an image of a couple canoodling on a washing line that is full of ladies underwear.


After finishing in the bottom team last night and in the team that came last in the Safari, I believe that I must be a bit of a Jonah, I mentioned this in case you are looking for someone for your team for next years Safari I am available at a price.

Next Week

Looking forward to next week, if you are bringing a raffle prize please wrap it, and if you want to drink out of a proper glass please bring your own.I have looked out my cut glass crystal pint mug.