Tuesday, April 25, 2017

13 Club members and their partners having a spring weekend break at The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln. Good food, not bad weather and some great company.

Monday, April 10, 2017


An evening in which we saw some innovative ways of mounting panel prints. From Eric's images getting larger as the Conker grew and Dick's "contemporary stlye". No Dennis contemporary does not mean small.
Personally I think Dick's "Tradesman's Eye" let him down, not only did he cut the windows in the mounts too small, but they were not even in the centre.
Another innovation to come from the evening was a minimalist panel. This time it did mean small. A good reason not sit right at the back, actually you could not see it sitting at the front. 
This method does save on printing paper and make it easier to put up on the boards.  

One encouraging thing to come out of the evening was Mandy's panel of Southwold Pier.(Even though the judge kept playing hide the 6th print), it showed that you do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to get a good picture of the pier, good news for those of us that do not know that five o' clock in the morning does not exist.

Who needs an Orange/Red sky?





1st Lillies
by Paul Vine

2nd Aspects of Lake Buttermere
by Dick Williams

3rd Lammergeier Plumage
by Gordon Bramham

H.C. When Gravity Takes Over
by Dave Wilcox

H.C. Southwold Pier
by Mandy Deer

Saturday, April 8, 2017





1st Winning The Lottery
by Stephen Deer

2nd 2 Feet Looking At 124 Feet
by Alf Ellis

3rd Cream Egg and Chocolate Finger Soldiers
by Andy Laing

H.C. Just Painting Engines
by Jim Barber

H.C. Running The Horses Home
by Lin Brien

H.C. Flying My Bird
by Stephen Deer

H.C. My Heaven in Their Day
by Eric Morley

Monday, April 3, 2017


An evening in which our chairman shared his love of photography and Bernard shared his germs. Sorry Brian but you missed out this time. At least I now know why people like to sit right at the back.
Some of us had to suffer for our art, hiring private planes for a 22 hour flight to Sydney, and hoping the lighting was just right when we got there. The more dedicated among us drank endless cups of tea and ate copious amounts of cake. Eating over a dozen Cadbury cream eggs just to get the shot just right is not any kind of fun.

Sylvia's idea of heaven was going to be sweet themed until Dick told her she would have to eat them afterwards. We would have helped you out Sylvia you should have brought your props up to the club to be disposed of.
How lucky was Stephen to get the winning lottery numbers just before the competition. I checked how much he won. On the basis of that I have sent him my wish list of camera gear, that he can get me with his winnings. Such a generous man.

The one bit of disappointment of the evening for me was that Lin had not entered anything. I was so looking forward to seeing a picture taken at Birdworld, unless she is waiting
for the set subject. My Idea of Hell.

Where's Lin?