Monday, April 27, 2015


Well done to all those who made the members evening a success. My special thanks to George, whom I pestered until he finally got it out and showed me. I was amazed as it went up and down in and out and side to side. I have seen pictures of them in the past, but it was the first time I have seen an shift lens in use.

We all know now how to take pictures using flash, infinity boxes and how to do it in infra red. To manipulate them in photoshop and to mount the final print.

It was also good to be able to spend time just chatting and talking photography,and a have a meaningful discussion with Peter on the new clock!?

Jeff's enthusiasm for his subject kept his audience enthralled, so much so that we nearly did not get our tea. Our new tea-makers did realise before it was too late, however, Lin had stepped in and had got it all under control. 

Up, down, in, out or side to side

Monday, April 20, 2015


Or better known as the annual inspection of the ceiling and floor for defects. This year it was not so thoroughly carried out as the committee continued with the same people in place, a fight nearly broke out amongst the members as to who was going to propose and second the motion, before any of the committee changed their minds. Though Colin tried to end it all when someone questioned the standard of prints used for the Brentwood Battle. Thanks to Dave? Dean? Dom.? (sorry Brian, the man said he will sort out the engraving for me) for volunteering to make the tea next year.

Another other business proved interesting, discussion turned to fall in numbers, the age of members was discussed and I thought George was going to suggest a new category of membership. "Old Wrinklie and Carer". 

One suggestion of T.shirts was raised. Colin thought "Keep Calm and Keep Taking Pictures" would catch on.
I thought maybe a Canon users could give one to Nikon user that said. "My Friend Got A Canon, All I Got Was This Lousy Nikon. And vice versa for Nikon Users. The rest of could have " I Have Got An Olympus And This Lousy T.Shirt.

Next year I will be writing an end of Term report for everyone, for example. His composition is good but needs to `focus more` on getting his pictures sharp.
 Another idea to make the evening more interesting will be to introduce a talent show, element to announcing the winners of the various classes and competitions, by getting the main contenders for each class standing up and play some dramatic music, then in no particular order, it is not you, so & so. Until we have the top three standing up, playing the music for about a minute more than necessary then announcing the winner. 

Two new `young members`

Monday, April 13, 2015


It was not our present chairman's choice, indeed it was not even our chairman that did the judging. Perhaps it should be re- titled our past chairman's choice judged by our vice chairman. 

It was my turn to get on the stage this week, not as the star. My job was to act as the stooge. That did not bother me as much as not being given a pair of white gloves to handle the prints.

Sadly there were only eight prints to be judged, which was promising for those who fancied an early night, and disappointing for the rest that the judge could not fill the whole evening talking about them. Poor show all round, considering he could have told us were to get the colour dye for the water drops, who did the best deals and if you could use your club card points or Nectar Card. The best type of water, bottled or tap, hot or cold. The list is endless, however, the evening might have felt like it was as well.

However, we are now all experts on drops and drips. We know that an `X` is an unknown factor and a `spurt` is a drip under pressure. 

The judge showed us why he is the chairman in charge of vice, by breaking the record of looking at a print before commenting when `appraising` the flasher outside the church, no Andy it was not camera shake but vice chairman excitement shake.  

I think I have got some work to do.

Sunday, April 5, 2015




1st and The Digital Image of The Year
 The Perfect Pose
by Andy Taylor L.R.P.S.

2nd Jaguar on The Cuiaba River
by David Lund

3rd The Waiter
by Paul Vine

H.C. The Look
by Paul Vine

H.C. White Backed Stilt
by David Lund

H.C. Kings Cross in a Different Light
by Richard Saville

H.C. The Challenge
by Andy Taylor L.R.P.S.

H.C. The Rainbow Arch
by Joe Travasso 

H.C. A Passage in Time
by Paul Vine

H.C. Black Swan at Leeds Castle
by Richard Saville

Andy Taylor L.R.P.S. receiving the Intermediate digital image of the year and the Annual Digital image of the year trophies from Mike Fuller.


1st The Laughing Caricature
by John Hastings

2nd A Walk on The Beach
by John Hastings

3rd Summer Flowers-An Olympic Legacy
by John Hastings

H.C. Le Tour of Essex
by John Hastings

H.C. Sileama Harbour
by Derek Holloway

H.C. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
by John Purvis

H.C. Graffiti
by Stephen Ingall

H.C. Topiary in the Villa Carlotta
by Andy Brett

H.C. Photographers
by Stephen Ingall

H.C. Waterbucks
by John Purvis

H.C. Au Revoir
by John Purvis

John Hastings receiving the Preliminary Digital Image of The Year from Mike Fuller


1st Breaking Through
by Stephen Deer

2nd Kingfisher
by Reg Mellis

3rd Shadows
by John Knight

H.C. Red Backed Shrike with Grasshopper
by Reg Mellis

Stephen Deer receiving the Advanced Annual Digital Image of the Year trophy from Mike Fuller

Friday, April 3, 2015


My evening got off to a good start, the celebration of our friends retirement, was cancelled due to him being unwell. I arrive at the club, good evening John to John Perry from Lin, then to me "What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here? Me "I'm fine thank you Lin.How are you?" Please Lin when you stand down from being Treasurer, keep collecting the weekly subs, as they are worth that money alone to be `welcomed` by you, I don't think anyone should consider themselves to be a proper member of Upminster Camera Club until they have have received a proper welcome from Lin.

Onto the evening itself, back to the stage and a double act. The last time we had one of those was when the Judge brought along his "Trainee", well that's what he told his wife. 
Firstly I thought they were a Hypnotist act, as I saw several members eyes glaze over after the first few minutes, then I remembered that the clocks had gone forward at the week-end and people were still recovering from that.
Then when Pat took off her fleece I thought it was the Stripper/Pole Dancer, judge that I asked for the other week. 
Finally all was revealed, they were magicians performing their own version of "Find The Lady" or move the pictures in the panel, then remember where they were originally. I'm glad that only one panel went up at a time, as we could have Gorillas at the top of the Spinnaker, King Kong like,  with the girl from The Venice Carnival.

Poor Melvin, he does not get out much, the thought of flying down to Barcelona appealed to him, it reminded me off the song sung by Mike Nesmith.
It's only a whimsical notion to fly down to Rio to-night,
I probably won't  fly to Rio,
 but there again I just might.
Len might sing.
I probably will fly to Barcelona, but give me few weeks notice.

When he said that when members of their club, came back from Iceland he said they were expecting.......... I thought he was going to say frozen Lasagne.

However,  I did take note of the comments on both my panels, and will definitely change them, having an extra print did not help with the Gorillas, so I will change them and have four lustre and five glossy next time, I have taken on board what they said about Spring Flowers, and will change the big yellow one.

Well done to John and Eric for putting up the panels with their slide rule perfection and of course to Sylvia for reading out the titles and our excuses for submitting them. Oh and by the way Sylvia. Cambridge Punts is not cockney rhyming slang.

Must Have Gone To Iceland