Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monthly Digital Competition - Tuesday 24th June 2014



 1st place - Summer Flowers and Olympic Legacy by John Hastings.

2nd place - Caricature by John Hastings

 3rd place - Midnight Alleyway by Martyn A Smith


 1st place - Cocoi Heron by David Lund

2nd Place - White Backed Stilt by David Lund

3rd place - Monument Station by Colin Smith

H/C Where's Dec by Mandy Deer

H/C - Red and White Winged Butterfly by Andy Taylor


1st place - Catch me if you can by Brian Clark 

2nd Place - Loch Etive Reflection by Eric Bush

3rd Place - Rainbows End by Stephen Deer

H/C - Dungeness in the fog by Bradley Beck Hill

H/C Dovercourt Lighthouse by Eric Bush