Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Digital Competition

1st Place - Catch of the Day by Linda Brien
2nd Place - Oi You!! by John Snowden
3rd Place - Approaching Target by Linda Brien
H/C - I See You by John Snowden
H/C - Whatever by Alf Ellis

1st Place - Flower Bulb by Andy Taylor
2nd Place - Nosey Butterfly by Andy Taylor
3rd Place - Collecting Nectar by Brian Clark

1st Place - Arty Tern by Mick Ladner
2nd Place - Under Surveillance by Dave Wilcox
3rd Place - Clocked by Dave Wilcox
H/C - Frowning by Steve Pinto
H/C - Mike by Pradeep (Perry) Lamba
H/C - Racing the Wave by Mick Ladner

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunday 1st September
Club Meet up at Thorndon Country Park North
Visitor Centre

This will be a club outing and any pictures taken at this morning at Thorndon Country Park will qualify for the Outings Competition.
If you would like to bring along a model for some natural portraiture or work on your macro techniques the choice is yours.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Print Competition Results

Only one class this month -
Advanced (with 2 Intermediate guests)
1st Place - Brian Clark - Three Harvest Mice
2nd Place - Steve Pinto - Alcedo Atthis
3rd Place - Stephen Young - The Chevy's Vista
HC - Brian Clark - 'O' what lovely eyes