Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Every picture tells a story, so when Dave sent me Dick & Peter's pictures of the opening of the exhibition, the first picture I looked at (see below) I thought it looked more like a Pox Doctor's Clerks Convention. Than a gathering of enthusiastic photographers.

 So I thought the other pictures must have similar back stories.

" Yes dear, I know you think that it would look better in Black & White, but as a well respected photographic judge, I couldn't possibly comment"

John, showing that with a wig, some makeup and a lot of imagination you can make a selfie into a decent portrait.

Dave, demonstrating to Sylvia how he lost his job at the Vasectomy Clinic.
Ooops should have gone to Specsavers.

Sylvia, Dick, Martyn & Dave willing Dave to notice that his flies are undone 
before he starts his speech.

Dick, with that smug look that says this is another picture that I got to take just before Sylvia.

Sue, Demonstrating how with excellent photography skills mixed with hallucinogenic drugs you can make brilliant photos. When asked by a panel of Natural History experts if this was a true depiction of the scene. She replied "Of course it was Dudes" 

Jean, trying to convince us that this was a selfie 

Eric, finally admitting that he might have done a little work in Photoshop of Tiddles.

No, Brian you can't see the join

"Sylvia, I just told Brian you can't see the join."
Sylvia. "I'll pretend I'm looking at the car while I just straighten the picture underneath."

"When you get fed up looking at these we can go round
to my place and I will show you my etchings" 

Peter. " I won't be using that cheap glamour model agency again"

"How do you get Netflix?"

"Sylvia wants Netflix, yea, after we have watched Corrie"


Sunday, April 14, 2019




1st Game, Set & Match
by Jean Gerrish

2nd I Hear Those Voices
by Dave Wilcox

3rd Altered Egos
by Sue Waterman

H.C. Seeding Silhouettes
by Andy Laing

H.C. West Mersea Oyster Competition
by Eric Morley