Sunday, March 27, 2016




1st and Best PDI Image 2016
Life is a Journey
by Richard Hallam

2nd The Only Way Home
by Colin Smith

3rd Dreamy Sunrise
By Richard Hallam

H.C. Like Expressions in Brick Lane
by Richard Saville

H.C. Beyond The Wire
by John Snowden


1st Royal Mile Edinburgh
by Martyn Addison-Smith

2nd Blame The Walkers
by John Purvis

3rd Open Wide
by John Purvis

H.C. Fish For Tea Again
by Sharon Brown

H.C. Cutty Sark
by Peter Owen

H.C. St Pancras Station
by John Purvis

H.C. Buttermere View
by Martyn Addison-Smith

H.C. Wobbly Bridge
by Martyn Addison-Smith


1st Sissor Tailed Flycatcher Catching Insect
by Reg Mellis

2nd Millennium Bridge
by Dave Wilcox

3rd Gorilla
by Mandy Deer

H.C. Hoopoe Feeding Mate
by Reg Mellis

H.C. Eat Your Reds
by Andy Laing




1st and Winning Colour Print 2016
The Salesman
by Dave Wilcox

2nd Siberian Lynx
by Gordon Bramham

3rd Multiple Flash
by Jean Williams

H.C. Red Kite Milvus milvus
by Mick Ladner

H.C. Wasp Spider
by Mick Ladner

H.C. Recession Cromer Pier
by Eric Bush

H.C. Getting My Fix
by Andy Taylor ARPS

H.C. Araneus diadematus
by Andy Taylor ARPS

H.C. Great Balance
by Annie Moring

H.C. Magnificent 50ft Wave in Cornwall
by Annie Moring

H.C. Wakeboarder Taking Off
by Annie Moring


1st The Footprints
by Ping Lin

2nd Alone With My Thoughts
by Ping Lin

3rd Over The Surf
by Gella Ladner

H.C. The Minstrel
by Eric Crockford

H.C. Image is in The Detail
by Alf Ellis

H.C. King Vulture
by Joe Travasso

H.C. Julie
by Joe Travasso

H.C. Lime Street, City of London
by Len Adshead

H.C. The Red Chair
by Eric Morley.


1st Rotorua
by Sharon Brown

2nd Watching You
by Derek Holloway

3rd Ashness Bridge
by Martyn Addison-Smith

H.C. Hornchurch Country Park
by Martyn Addison-Smith

Monday, March 21, 2016



I especially liked our judge the one time seagull trainer and I especially liked that number 42 was the magic number, which when you think about it, it is approximately two and half 17's.

I'm especially liking that 17 is now my favourite number I'm not sure why as it is not a number that I have heard very often lately, it could be interesting in future club judged competitions with 51 being the score of choice.  

What I especially liked was that after the break with time running out the scores seemed to be going down to 16 as to whether it is a lower number and therefore quicker to say, or if it has one less syllable and quicker to say, has it got one less syllable? Not sure I will have to ask Sylvia.

The one picture that I was especially liking was the baby laying on the parents arm, the judge likened it to a Leopard lying on a branch of a tree, at that age I don't think it would have been able to bite you, however, it would probably give you a nasty suck.

Especially liking that the rules have been broken here 49 Trees Not divisible by 17

Sunday, March 13, 2016



It is always an advantage to know the judges likes and dislikes, so you can image my disappointment after spending the best part of a week with a pencil, ruler and a sharp knife turning my portrait and landscape format prints into square format, I ended up with people with no heads, a magnificent 60ft wave that was turned into a ripple all to no avail. If only he had asked me about highly commended a couple of prints early I would have ended up with something. Instead I have invested in shares in a Canvas Wrap company although most of dividends will be spent having my own prints done.

Still I guess we should all feel sorry for those hardly landscape photographers that get up before dawn (believe me she gets up very early), travel miles to get the right sunrise photos and travel home after dark all for nothing. Never mind a?

However, one has got to have every sympathy for Eric, I know that I go one about the length of titles but on this occasion I would not have minded "A Very Big Hill in Scotland Covered in Snow"   Because lets face it after the judges comments after last week and this "Black Mount" was not going to win anything.

Congratulations to Dave for a late rally to win the Advanced and overall competition after some really rubbish scores. Although I was a bit suspicious after last week when he said he would leave his vote of thanks and comments on the judge until this week. My guess is that he sent two versions of his comments to the judge one complimentary the other not and it was up to the judge which one he wanted read out, he just had to make the right decision.


Monday, March 7, 2016



As we have come to expect of our judge he was precise, informative and entertaining with his comments, a pity that he was not a mind reader and I apologise for not telling him of our scoring requirements.

Rather than the would be actor/performers we have had over the last couple of years our judge was more school master. Throwing the virtual blackboard rubber at the dozing Bramham senior to ask him the sex of King Vulture, he was saved by Mellis minor who woke him up and told him it was male. 

I'm not sure what subject he would teach certainly not anatomy when he refers to ladies dangly bits, there again I would not employ him in a jewelers. or as a cosmetic surgeon I can't image ladies having much faith in someone who does dangly bit enhancement.

Perhaps he could teach geography, always take warm clothes when you visit Iceland. I wonder if people in Iceland ever wear shorts?

As usual the choosing of the winning prints is the most exciting part of the evening as he sorted them into order he looked down to the bottom left hand side of the board and looked like he was pointing to The Hall has just been decorated sign and was going to say this one tells a story and I like pictures that tell a story.

Always wear warm clothes, it is a freezer shop