Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monthly Digital Competition

Results from The Monthly Digital Projected Image Competition 22nd July 2015

Advanced Class

1st place
Tibetan Man by Perry Lamber

2nd Place
First Light Castlerig by Eric Bush
3rd Place
Serene Sunset by Perry Lamber

Intermediate Class

1st Place
Crowning Glory by Andy Taylor

 2nd Place
The Geezer by Alan Layton

 3rd Place
A Green Gem by Andy Taylor

Preliminary Class

1st place
Le Tour by John Hastings

 2nd Place
Reach For The Sky by Stephen Ingall

  3rd Place
Solitude by Dennis Goodman

Theme in a hat competition

Congratulations to the winners from this years
"Theme in a Hat Competition"
Judged by Harold Mousley LRPS AFIAP

1st Place
Theme "Movement" by Colin Smith.

2nd Place

 Theme "Scientific" by Brian Clark

3rd Place

Theme "Thing that makes life easier" by Paul Vine

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bijou - Natural History Competition

Tuesday 1st July was our Bijou Natural History Competition.
Judged by Barbie Lindsay  EFIAP/s, MPAGB, FBPE

The Winning set by David Lund

Common Kingfisher

Yacare Caiman Crocodile with Catfish

A Pantanal Jaguar