Monday, December 23, 2013

PAGB Judging

Hi Everyone

I think this PAGB judging special link should be interesting to those that are judges or your own images that are being judged.

It's a good read and we can all take something from it.

Have a good Christmas


Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Digital Competition

1st Place - Fox by John Snowden
2nd Place - Curved Clouds by Alan Farthing
3rd Place - All My Own Work by Andy Brett
H/C - Big Ears by Colin Smith
H/C - Buddy Portrait by Mick Brendish

1st Place - The Rower, Rider and the River by Paul Vine
2nd Place - Water Vole by Paul Vine
3rd Place - Kingfisher in Flight by Brian Clark
H/C - Bridled Guillemot by Gella Ladner
H/C - Pulling for Henley by Paul Vine
H/C - Team Kamikaze - 2013 World Championships by Gella Ladner

1st Place - Auschwitz by Adrian Looby
2nd Place - Seven Sisters by Eric Bush
3rd Place - Winning Jump by Annie Moring
H/C - Blue Tit by Mick Ladner